About Amiable Diamonds

The word “amiable” refers to “being pleasant or friendly”. And that’s exactly what our customers think about us! Not only are we friendly but the assortment of our diamonds-Lab Grown Diamonds is of consistent quality. This ensures that our company ranks among the best in India and across the world. That’s why we have a loyal base of customers .


Amiable Diamonds:

Amiable diamonds is one of the top ten Lab grown diamond manufacturers in India and has strong presence, experience and credentials .

Our professional assortment practices ensure consistent assortment. We can supply 100 carats of any clarity, size and colour at any given point of time.

5 Reasons to choose Amiable diamonds-Lab Grown Diamonds:

Our commitment and availability to our customers with quickest lead time and response time.

Our commitment to protect our earth by creating awareness of lab grown over blood diamonds.Absolutely same as Natural Diamonds and more affordable; No compromise on beauty and conscience

Harmony and Diversity –Respect and celebrate every individual and reach worldwideOur Values –Amiable follows principles honesty, transparency and full disclosure


To do everything possible to meet our customer requirement and satisfaction. To be a company that gives the best competitive prices.

Lab grown diamond


We exhibit a strong will to win loose diamond B2B marketplace.

The company also targets jewelry retail market by making jewelry that ranges from daily work wear to evening wear to jewellery for every occasions.