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Lab Grown Diamond

Lab grown diamond

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Lab grown diamond is a synthetic diamond grown from the same kind of material as natural diamonds; namely, pure carbon, crystallized into an isotropic (same isotopes) 3D structure. Amiable diamond produces the best eco-friendly diamonds for you.

Understanding Lab Grown Diamond or CVD Diamonds

Our Lab grown diamonds are distinct from diamond substitutes, such as cubic zirconia and moissanite, which are grown using techniques which are not compatible with natural diamonds. The main difference between Lab-grown diamonds and other diamond substitutes lies in their carbon content, composition, and the methods used to grow them.

So lab grown diamond are very different from cubic zirconia, moissanite or American diamond. So then, Are lab-grown diamonds real. Lab-grown diamonds are same as a natural diamonds with the only difference being their origin and price. Lab grown diamonds are as real as natural diamonds.

Resale of Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown DiamondsYes lab grown diamonds are quite profitable. The term “lab-grown” was coined by the US Department of Energy (DOE). It refers to diamonds that have been grown under laboratory conditions. The term was first used in the 1970s. Also, the National Gemological Institute (NGI) coined the term “synthetic.”

To understand how lab grown diamonds are created, we first need to know how natural diamonds are formed. Natural diamonds are formed in earth’s mantle i.e almost 150km deep from earth’s surface. Deep inside the earth, there are carbon deposits which undergo extreme high conditions of temperature and pressure. Diamonds may take days, weeks, months or evenmillion of years to form. Its unpredicatable how long a natural diamond may take to form. The growth process of natural diamond may be long because it may not be continuous sometimes. The process can be interrupted because of temperature and pressure condition. Due to volcanic eruptions these diamonds are brought to earth’s surface from deep inside and then extracted through mining.

Lab grown diamonds are grown in laboratory and in extremely controlled environment. Inside laboratories, chambers are made where temperature and pressure inside earths’s crust is replicated. Lab grown diamonds are made through two process, one is high pressure and high temperature i.e HPHT method and second one is chemical vapour deposition i.e. CVD method

The growth process of CVD Diamond

In CVD Diamond growth process, a small diamond seed is placed in small capsule inside an apparatus capable of generating high pressure and temperature. The chamber is heated to 1300-1600 °C with pressures above 870,000 pounds per square inch.  The molten metal dissolves the high purity carbon. Atoms of carbon starts precipitating on diamond seed and the crystallization process starts. The lab grown crystal is then cut and polished.

CVD Diamond Growth & Process

In CVD Diamond process, an extremely thin square diamond plate is place inside the growth chamber. The chamber is filled with carbon containing gas. A microwave beam kind of source of energy breaks down the carbon atoms and it starts precipating on diamond plate. A tabular shaped crystal have black graphite edge is formed. This crystal is then cut and polished by diamond cutter.

When lab grown diamond is made, whether by HPHT methof or CVD method, labs technicians are constantly monitoring the process. The possibility of any pause in growth process is evaluated. This growth process usually takes 6 to 10 weeks.

So now, is there confusion that while choosing lab grown diamond you should choose lab grown diamond made by HPHT process or lab grown diamond made by CVD process. Fortunatelyits not a difficult choice. Lab grown diamonds made by either technology has same sparkle, shine and foreverness as natural diamonds.

Why should you buy Cvd diamonds or lab grown diamonds

Lab grown diamonds have same chemical and visual properties as their natural mined counterparts. They have same sparkle, shine and brilliance as natural mined diamonds. Lab grown Diamonds and natural Diamonds are indistinguishable.  You need special equipment’s and tools to differentiate between lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds.

Even there are misconceptions that lab grown diamonds turn black with time. This is totally false. A diamond once formed, is never influenced by environment. Once a diamond is formed, it’s the hardest substance to be affected by wear and tear, so as change its colour.

So now, if you have a question that will people now if you are wearing a lab grown diamond.

The answer is no. There is no appearance difference between lab grown and natural diamond to naked eye.

Are lab grown diamonds forever

“Diamonds are forever”, we all have heard this most popular branding slogan. Diamonds are the hardest material on earth. They rank 10 on Mohs Hardness Scale, which means they are extremely hard and durable. Lab grown diamonds are as hard and strong as natural mined diamonds.

Lab grown Diamonds have same foreverness as mined natural diamond. Diamond symbolizes love, which we desire to be forever and just like that diamonds are also forever to hold that feeling. To conclude, Lab grown diamonds have same hardness, durability and foreverness as their mined counterparts. Lab grown Diamonds are strong enough to pass on to your generations.

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